Geodetic surveying

– Preparing KENTOUR Map
– Architectural site survey.
– Borders cadastral survey.
– Complete details cadastral survey.
– GPS site survey.
– Make survey/Cadastral Map.
– Setting out of road.
– Cut and Fill Quantification.
– Land Dividing.
– Reception of work in terms of survey.
– Supervise the execution of roads works.

Geodesic network

The World Geodetic Reference (WGS-84) is the system used in GPS measurements technology.

• Until recently, the National Geodetic Network (NGN) was the only way to provide ground reference points at the national level, based on all the maps carried out by the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, the Saudi Geological Survey and a number of competent authorities in this field.

Tasks of Geodesy and Terrain

Maintenance of national geodetic network
Establishment and operation of the GNSS satellite network
Calculation, identification and updating of the geodetic reference framework for Saudi Arabia and the linkage to the Global Reference Geodetic Framework (ITRF)
Construction, modernization and maintenance of the national vertical network

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